Working on a Little Project at School

I have been working on a pretty big report for my Comp Sci class. Right now I am going to have to figure out a way to scan multiple photos and get it printed up in to the presentation. Of course it is not a big deal if you pay for the job to get it done right, but it is a pain to do it if you do not have the right equipment. The right equipment probably costs about as much as my Dad’s car does too. They have all that stuff down at the Fedex place, the one that does copying and I am guessing that the only choice I have is to get it done down there. It is either that or I shall have to wait until I am back on campus.
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Looking at a Teaching Job in Texas

I am not really sure how much I would like working in education in Texas. To start with they have a board of education which is totally dominated by people who are opposed to science. At least they teach things that are more based in Fundamentalist christian ideology than in scientific facts. All of the text books have been modified to fit this sort of thinking. Of course I have practical problems though and so I am looking at the pros and cons of it with my own bottom line in mind. I went to this site, after I found out that I could pick out my own power company. I was mostly curious as to what that really means for a consumer. So far I can not really tell, but obviously it seems as though competition would be a lot better for the consumer if it was real competition. Where I am living right now they are not going to ask you who you want to buy electricity from.
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Planning on Buying a House

I have been thinking about what I need to do next, because I got to thinking about the fact that I am not really happy renting. However it is harder to know what you need to do to get past just planning on buying a house. My suspicion is that the first thing I need to do is get some sort of debt reduction and debt consolidation plan together. Before you can save up the money that you need for a down payment, the thing to do is to stop the money from going out. I have a car that I bought used about three or so years ago. I paid off the loan on it and that gives me some money I can use for the plan. It is not a bad car under the circumstances, it was literally owned by a little old lady.
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Doing My New Job Search

I spent the day getting ready for the interview. I swung by the hair salon and got my stylist to give me a trim. It was pretty shaggy and I had a hair style that was designed to impress this girl who I was pursuing while I was in grad school. She was sort of off beat and I thought I would try to be a bit different. It was not as though it mattered so much as my current boss barely knows what I look like in all honesty. It is clear enough in fact that he is not really in command of things at the office and it is pretty clear that I need to be working on a new plan, which I have been from the start.
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Learning to Dance in Monterey

I would like to learn to dance, because it could really help me out at this point in my life. I am a senior in high school right now, and in a couple months, I am going to be taking my dream girl, to the prom dance. I really have a hard time believing that I was able to get her to say yes to my invitation. I would have figured she would have had guys lining up months in advance to ask her. But anyway, I am going to find dance classes in monterey, as I do not want to embarrass myself at the dance.
I am really, really bad at dancing. I do not know if it is my genes, or what, but I just have no rhythm, and I have terrible footwork as well. I would say that my rhythm might be a bit worse than my footwork, but it is really hard to tell, because both aspects of my dancing ability are just horrendous.
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Just Started Thinking About Financial Planning

I am going to need to get my affairs in better order if I want to be in good stead in a few years. I need to keep my affairs in better order if I am going to be able to attain my goals. I am thinking about a lot of things, like life insurance rates and trying to figure out exactly what I need and what I can afford. Meg and I are in our mid twenties. I am 27 years old, so perhaps it is more like the late twenties for me and she is three years younger than I am. We have a baby who is a year and three months old and we have bought a house that is pretty nice for our current needs.
It is a little two bedroom place on around three quarters of an acre in an old neighborhood with a lot of good quantities.
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The Creators of Innovative and Spirited Mobile App Game Poise Pleased to Announce Its Launch

Russian-based mobile app development innovators, Aurora Polaris, are pleased to announce the launch of their Android mobile app game, Poise. With Poise, fans of the mobile app will have the opportunity to enjoy the classic features of an arcade-style game, along with components of dodge and runner.

Russia (PRWEB) December 30, 2013

Russian-based mobile app development innovators, Aurora Polaris, are pleased to announce the launch of their Android mobile app game, Poise. With Poise, fans of the mobile app will have the opportunity to enjoy the classic features of an arcade-style game, along with components of dodge and runner.

Players follow the adventures of a humorous alien named Spike, as he attempts to escape from the asteroid-bound wreckage of a spaceship crash. The intergalactic adventure is highlighted by vibrant colors and graphics, along with upbeat music. The elements of this game combine traditional gaming with modernism for a unique gameplay experience.

“We’re extremely excited for the launch of Poise, because we feel it’s something that’s really going to speak not only to true mobile gamers, but even to the novice gamer looking for something that will hold their attention,” said Ivan Korobko, the independent developer heading up Aurora Polaris. “There’s so much of that classic arcade feeling to this game that’s timeless, but we also utilize everything that’s unique and specific to today’s mobile devices, so the player is really getting a completely unique experience, unlike what they have with any other game. With the combination of multi-level challenges, spectacular graphics and enhancements, this game is going to captivate players.”

Players are challenged by thirty unique levels, and are offered the opportunity to earn upgrades and various achievements throughout the game. Each level is represented as an asteroid, from which the player must escape. Players are further challenged by time limitations, as they work to advance to the next level, or “asteroid.”

Throughout gameplay, aside from time limitations, it’s also necessary to maintain balance on rotating asteroids, while occasionally being obstructed by falling meteorites. There are three types of meteorites in the game, including rocky meteorites, icy meteorites and flaming meteorites. They each present different and unique trials to the player through the progression of the game. The ultimate goal of the game is to reach an emergency rescue ship, which will transport Spike from the wreckage.

In addition to achievements, players have the opportunity to take advantage of an in-game store, to purchase various elements for protection against meteorites, as well as statistical enhancements.

Despite its enormous offerings, Poise maintains user-friendly controls and operations.

For more information about Poise, or to download, visit

For the free “Light” version of the game

The Poise demo video is also available by visiting

Carpet Moth

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A handful Fun carpet Snapshots Carpet Moth

Image by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel
A 3/4 head shot of a little carpet moth, shot to compare the performance of a componon 28 stretched out using bellows to about 8:1 against the 4x objective that I used on the previous shot. This is a stack of 250 shots using zerene stacker.

Carpet moths are very common and theyre hard to ID: they look more like butterflies when theyre resting and theyre generally all brown. Theyre one of the first to appear in springtime so I expect to see many of them in the weeks ahead.

Theyre about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of your standard UK macro moth but its still a specimen size that Id like to be able to get good shots of. To me, the Componon slightly has the edge over the objective but that whole 5x-10x range is proving problematic for me. I do have a couple of 10x objectives but the field Check This Page

Geez : d – 3 Ways To Use Cement Pavers As Garden Enhancements

Knee pads are a gardener’s friend when caring for plants low to the ground. Gardening is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable; you don’t want to finish every gardening session with aching, throbbing knees. Knee pads offer your knees the extra cushioning they need to stay comfortable during extended periods in the garden. Plants need to take in CO2 to grow and thrive. More CO2 generally produces more luxurious plant growth. A greenhouse will provide plants with an environment rich in carbon dioxide. The levels need to be kept high for optimum greenery growth. Before you even place the first plant in your garden, you need to check the composition of your soil. An inexpensive soil report can be used to adjust soil nutrients to optimum levels, which will ensure your garden thrives. A lot of Cooperative Extension locations offer this service, and you can prevent ruining a few crops by identifying the specific steps to take. There Check This Page

Sevastopol Cannon

Couple of Nice cannon Pictures Sevastopol Cannon

Image by [Duncan]
A Sevastopol cannon, at Palace Green, Ely. A relic of the Crimean War [1854-5]. 61-84-AB Cannon, British 4 Pdr, Circa 1812

Image by Naval History & Heritage Command
Accession: 61-84-AB
Ordnance, Cannon , British, 4 Pdr, Circa 1812.
3.125" Diameter

The cannon is situated in Leutze Park on the Washington Navy Yard. The bronze cannon was captured during the War of 1812. It was originally taken to Norfolk Naval Shipyard and was used by the Confederate Navy in 1861. It was subseqeuntly captured by the Union Navy and was moved to Washington Navy Yard.
There are a large collection of "trophy" weapons located at the yard including bronze and iron cannon. out Commercial AD in reference to Nrgbinary :Nrgbinary

Collection of Curator Branch, Naval History and Heritage Check This Page

Those things that I find out – Hints And Tips For Interior Design

Although you may not believe it, you can redecorate your basement to make it look great. This room is commonly the darkest and gloomiest part of the house. It can easily be brightened using paint, some strategically placed lamps, and mirrors to reflect the available light.Take some time to balance out all of your finances before you invest time into any project. You don’t want to be getting involved in anything that you cannot afford. Reducing financial worry can help you to focus on the job at hand.Paint is something that you will want to invest in, as you should purchase a high quality product to do the job right. The cheap stuff will simply fade away over time and can even damage your walls. As a result, you’ll end up spending more money over the long term. Invest in more expensive paint to add longevity. Is your home’s interior growing a bit tiresome? Consider improving its look and making your home personalized to your tastes. Check This Page

Port Cunnington Lodge Reports Higher Occupancy Despite Poor Summer Weather

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In spite of less than ideal weather conditions, the summer of 2014 turned out well for Port Cunnington Lodge & Resort (, as the Muskoka resort reports a substantial increase in occupancy for the summer season over last year.

Muskoka, Ontario (PRWEB) October 22, 2014 The summer of 2014 was one many Ontario resort operators may wish to forget. Colder than average temperatures and higher than average rainfall left many lakeside resorts and lodges with empty rooms and cottages during what is normally their peak season. As potential vacationers chose to stay home, instead of booking a weekend getaway or weeklong summer holiday in cottage country, occupancy levels fell at resort properties across the province. However, not all Ontario resorts suffered a drop in business this summer. Despite less than ideal Check This Page

Build A Successful Content Business With These Great Article Marketing Tips!

The Internet is the preferred marketing source for many companies. However, you will only benefit from marketing to your demographics, if you know how to implement your plans. This article will give you some great advice on incorporating article marketing into your overall marketing efforts. As you submit content to diverse websites and directories, you should be more concerned with quality than quantity. Rather than submitting duplicates, consider looking for ways to manually submit a higher quality of keyword-rich marketing article. Also, try to get your work featured on sites that are trusted in your niche. Make sure your paragraphs, as well as the entire article, aren’t extremely long. Aim for no more than five sentences per paragraph and 700 words per article. Many article directories use this same criteria, so adhering to it makes article distribution easier. You do not have to put as much effort into blogs; a good target Check This Page

Hot Plate

A couple of Refreshing hot plate Photo Hot Plate

Image by TAZphotos
Hot Plate

Image by Eva Ganesha
Taken for the Tips from the Top Floor 72h challenge. Feel free to comment! Hot plate pasta
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Image by Chapendra
. Check This Page

Most people might want to fully grasp – Don’t Get Into Acupuncture Without Reading This First!

Choose the time of your acupuncture appointments carefully. Don’t schedule an appointment too near a time that you will need to do anything strenuous. Allow plenty of time for your appointment and try to avoid stress beforehand. This can make it hard for your body and mind to be relaxed.If you are really tense about acupuncture, consider looking for a practitioner that offers “community” sessions. These are acupuncture sessions where multiple people are in a room receiving treatments. Some people find this community aspect very relaxing. Don’t worry: Any consultation is done in private before the sessions, so medical histories are not shared among the group.If you’re feeling a little sore after an acupuncture session, the best way to treat that soreness is with heat. Post-session pain is usually caused by blockages, and ice may only exacerbate the problem. Most soreness is gone within 24 hours, so a hot bath and a good night’s Check This Page